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Louisa’s debut novel Whisky and Sunshine introduces you to the McAlister family in Scotland and the Turner family in Ballydoon. A standalone prequel to the upcoming Turner’s Flats of Ballydoon series, you’ll read about whisky, haggis, the poetry of Robert Burns and sexy spreadsheets. Plus, a grumpy boss who can’t resist the sunshine of a feisty Australian.

Look out for the audio version being in early 2021. 

Louisa has also recently released Memories of Ash. Set in Ballydoon, this short story features a volunteer firefighter who gets a nasty bump on the head with no memory of a rescued koala or a Canadian fiancé. 

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Turner's Flats of Ballydoon prequel

Whiskey & Sunshine

Stuart ‘the Beast’ McAlister feels cursed. His new whisky is ruined, his family are at each other’s throats and their distillery is missing a fortune.

Forensic accountant, Amanda Turner, arrives in Scotland determined to catch a thief and earn her promotion.

When Beauty meets the Beast, she finds him cocky and rude. Stuart thinks she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. The more they work together, the more their attraction grows.

Can the Beast be tamed, or will he prove to be just another Gaston? Will Beauty take a chance to have a Happily Ever After?

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Louisa Duval Author_Whiskey & Sunshine

Slow Burn charity anthology

Memories of Ash

Ash Wilde knew being a volunteer firefighter would be hard work but when she wakes up in hospital with a killer headache and no memory of why she is there, she discovers a handsome stranger in her room who declares he’s her fiancé. Ash has no memory of him, or of her accident. The hardest part of her recovery will be putting her trust in a stranger. Can she learn to love him a second time, or will he leave Ballydoon broken-hearted?

‘Memories of Ash’ is the lead story in the ‘Slow Burn: The Fires That Bind Us’ charity anthology. Proceeds are donated to the New South Wales Rural Fire Service to help them access equipment and training for their country communities.

You can get it on your Kindle now.

Memories of Ash by Louisa Duval

“There were many reasons I was called the Beast.”

- Whiskey and sunshine

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Louisa Duval's

Turner’s Flats of Ballydoon series

A four-part series following the siblings of the Turner family at Turner’s Flats, Ballydoon.

As the ten-year anniversary of their father’s death by fire nears, can they save their sheep station from bushfires and bankruptcy? 

Turner's Flats of Ballydoon Series by Louisa Duval_

“She had looked at me like she wanted to rip off my shirt, and a second later, looked scandalised by her own thoughts.
I wanted to know more of those scandalous thoughts..”

- Ignite