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Rural Fire Brigade Volunteers – 1

Meet Natasha Bamberry—Tash—who swapped surf breaks and sunbaking for making beds and chocolate at Wisteria Cottages and Heavenly Chocolate at Wyberba on the fringe of Girraween National Park on the border of New South Wales and Queensland in 2016.

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How to hide your gold from a bushranger – 2

I had hoped to track down an original pair of John Lobb boots but unfortunately my search has not turned up anything… yet. I’m still on the case. I have some collections and museums on my bucket list to contact just in case a pair of Lobb boots are out there.

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How to hide your gold from a bushranger – 1

I’m writing a short story set in the 1850s in Australia which features a bushranger hold-up gone wrong. How much research would I really have to do much research for a short story? Hahaha, not much, I foolishly thought. Ahem. I was wrong.