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Louisa Duval

Louisa Duval is a debut Australian author who writes rural romance set in the fictional country town of Ballydoon. Here the heroes are rugged as the landscape around them, and the stories steamier than an Aussie heat wave.

Louisa has worked in radio, recruitment, education, freelance writing and corporate communications. Once she even traipsed around a national park looking for wombat burrows.

When she isn’t working in the city, she spends as much time as possible with her family at their riverside acreage watching the wallabies and drinking the local wine. She is a proud supporter of her local rural fire brigade and hopes to never be in the front line of a bushfire and admires those who have.

She lives with her husband, two kids, a lazy cattle dog-Kelpie cross, three chickens, and many indoor plants.

You can follow Louisa’s antics (and buy her books) via her newsletter and on the socials.

I continued my drive up the road and turned at the sandstone pillars that flanked the driveway’s entrance.
A sign hung from the lichen-covered wooden gates: Turner’s Flats Station. I was home.

- Ignite

Louisa Duval's work

Turner’s Flats of Ballydoon series

A four-part series following the siblings of the Turner family at Turner’s Flats, Ballydoon. As the ten-year anniversary of their father’s death by fire nears, can they save their sheep station from bushfires and bankruptcy? 

Ignite, the first book in the series, follows Stacey Turner as she tries to reboot her life in the country town of Ballydoon. Will her new flame give up his old life for Stacey or will her secret be the end of their love?